Tully Div 1

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Tully Div 1

Post by JimW » Tue Apr 09, 2019 12:38 pm

I am organising the extra safety boat rota for this race.

I have about enough people to cover Saturday without anyone getting stuck with a super long shift, but could do with more volunteers especially for Sunday.

Safety cover will not be compromised if I don't get more volunteers, but the race will get paused whenever the safety boats are away from eddy dealing with a swimmer and finding their way back up, so if I don't have more volunteers, Sunday's race may drag on a bit.

Please could anyone who will be around and is a strong enough and confident enough paddler please consider volunteering to take a shift or 2.

We use extra safety boats at Tully to get to anyone who swims in the top part of the course and tow them clear of the island (and then to the shore). As an extra safety boat you will need to be confident to ferry out from the eddy to a swimmer (or capsized boat that looks like it may not roll) and then do enough to get them safely to an eddy, or past the island and then to an eddy. You will not be asked to chase equipment or man-handle swamped boats - we don't have time for you to do that, we need you back in the eddy in case you are needed again.

All competitors still need to do their safety stint after each run as mandated in the rules. The safety boats in the middle of the course are EXTRA safety cover just to keep swimmers away from the island, they do not replace the normal competitor safety cover requirements.

Helpers names will be given to the cafe for free hot drinks - no limit, you can fill a flask if you like. I reccommend you wear more warm layers than you would for racing, as long as you can still paddle wearing them. I want warm happy volunteers, not cold miserable ones, more volunteers makes that goal more acheivable.

Ideally contact me right away and I can send you a copy of the rota to see which shifts might suit.

Thanks for reading, please help if you can.

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