The Old Boys

The team - 1988/9 Those were the  days, when I was a teenager...this was the Mike Jones Rally, on the Dee
t-shirts! We were quite proud of our new t-shirts...
The team on a Mike Jones Mike Jones the year after, this is in the freezing old schoolhouse we rented
The first Blakey Team shot at  West Tanfield, during the first of the infamous Blakey Ridge weekends
Westward Ho! This was at the end of the wonderful Westward Ho! holiday
Another Blakey Another team shot at  West Tanfield, on a later Blakey Ridge weekend
France! In Paris, on the way home from an excellent surfing holiday at Biscarosse
Perranporth This was at the end of nightmare week in Perranporth -everyone was ill at one point or another...
The current mob This is the current mob (in 1997 anyway) - urgh!