Pinkston Div 2/3 Free Practise

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Pinkston Div 2/3 Free Practise

Post by JimW » Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:22 pm

Due to a booking clash for the Friday evening, this year we will be running all free practise sessions on Saturday 4th May.

In a way this is good because it means we can do away with complicated booking arrangements because I can assume you will all be in or near Glasgow by Saturday morning.

To avoid over-crowding we will split the time up as follows:
  • 0700-0740 Division 2 K1M Bibs 58* and higher
  • 0740-0820 Division 2 K1M Bibs 56* and lower + Div 2 C1W + C2s
  • 0820-0900 Division 2 K1W + Div 2 C1M + Veterans
  • 0900-0910 Pump change and gate heights
  • 0910-0950 Division 3 all classes
  • 0950-1000 Pump change and gate heights
  • 1000-1030 Officials
We will then go directly into Official practise (1 full run) starting with Officials at 1030 as per the start list

After the course has been changed ready for Sundays race we will run free practise for division 2 and 3 again in the same order hopefully starting at around 1700 if everything runs smoothly through the day.

Officials will be able to practice from 0800 on Sunday. This all means we can start a little later on Sunday and still finish in good time for people who need to travel home.

We would ask parents and clubs to support their paddlers during free practise and provide their own safety cover as necessary, just as you would at any natural venue. Paddlers should generally be able to rescue each other during group sessions so we will only provide bank safety cover for official practice and race runs.

*If we have a lot of entries in div 2 between now and the 4th May the exact bib number for the cut-off may need to change to even out the numbers.

Also if we don't have enough people for control and judging to arrange 2 shifts, we may need to add a lunch break on Saturday which will push afternoon times back compared to the current start list.

Free Practise is possible due to sponsorship from EPD UK

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