Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

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Nick Penfold
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Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

Post by Nick Penfold » Wed May 15, 2019 11:58 am

The Pan Celtic series ought to be a great event and a brilliant springboard to international competition. But we seem to treat it as an embarrassment.

No-one seems to think it’s worth running in its own right, so it piggy-backs on divisional races, with age categories separated to Prem and Div 1 events so that there isn’t really a “Pan Celtic event” at all. It gets no publicity, and much of the time we don’t see the results - I still haven’t seen any for this year’s Scotland leg. Why would young paddlers want to compete, and be proud to be selected, when nobody’s interested?

Let’s make an event of it: one race a year, free standing, perhaps hosted by each country in turn. Let’s shout about it, let’s publish the results and let’s celebrate the winning competitors!

Or else let’s stop pretending and scrap it.

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Re: Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

Post by humphr » Wed May 15, 2019 10:58 pm

Welsh J12, J14 & Masters/Vet leg is only in a few weeks.

I’m looking after the Welsh team and there is plenty of keenness from paddlers & parents.

With pretty much nearly all of the welsh team in div1 hosting it in Div2 brings it’s own difficulties but we have entries and from a Welsh perspective all is positive.

I must confess to not promoting much outside of our Canoe Wales Facebook page.

Hopefully we will have a good race at Bala Mill with lots of enjoyable team runs

I will email around and get the results for the Scottish round published

Another parent

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Re: Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

Post by Arrowcraft » Thu May 16, 2019 11:23 am

Good idea.

I guess the trick would be to make it a proper international, like an ECA race. In which case, you follow the international competition rules and invite teams from the home nations & Ireland...but also invite other nations the interclubs, teams of 10 or so and make a two-race event out of it. One on Saturday and another on Sunday, perhaps an old fashioned slalom sprint...for those that are wrinkly enough to remember them. 18 gates, any direction, no touch penalties... a straight speed shoot out.

Hold it HPP. Good water, middle of the country and they are keen to host some bigger profile events.

It used to be an international race.

Mike Mitchell
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Re: Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

Post by Mike Mitchell » Sun May 19, 2019 9:10 pm

The Pan Celtic was an event everyone that didn't make a GB team wanted to paddle in years ago.
We used to even send a team to Ireland.

Now over the years it has got degraded, forgotten or just made unpopular.
The hole Slalom sport now is just looking for the next Olympic Champion.
The bottom divisions are getting forgotten and strength in depth is decreasing.
We need these events to keep as manny paddlers in the sport as we can.
Scotland always put on a good leg and I look forward to winning an easter Egg, but there are no results.
I have just found out after reading the above, there is a race at Bala Mill in Two weeks, do I put a Judges entry in or is there a standalone race.

Its time we took the future of this sport seriously and support the grass roots.

So I am all for a stand alone event and after this Rant I will volunteer to help run it.

How about Llangollen Town.

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Re: Sshhh – it’s a secret! The Pan Celtic

Post by FCCslalom » Sun May 19, 2019 11:22 pm

Agreed it’s profile seems low.

How about a one of race, say combined with the junior British champs.

That rotates around the country.

A process of qualification for the team with announcements at the end of season might be an idea too.

Look forward to reading other ideas posted here and hope something comes out of it.

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