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Hydra Sports

Post by Hydrasports » Tue Aug 13, 2019 3:32 pm

We posted this on social media over the weekend, but for those who may not have heard....

As most people may have noticed by now, we haven’t been attending many slaloms this year. Back in March, we made the decision to no longer import Vajda, G’power and Double Dutch paddles. It was a difficult decision as we have worked really hard to bring these brands to the UK and lived our life around slaloms for many years, as anyone involved in the sport does.

However, with a combination of Brexit uncertainty affecting the exchange rate, the potential problems of importing goods post-brexit and also a change in our circumstances with a young family, it was with a heavy heart that we informed our suppliers.

We’d like to think that we’ve helped making buying the best quality kit/boats/paddles much more accessible over the last 15 years, and hope that anyone taking on the challenge of importing continue to provide that to the slalom community. When we first started out, demo boats and paddles did not really exist, you would just try someone else’s and order from there.

We’ll still be around within the sport, and no doubt our girls will want to have a go when they get a bit older. We have some remaining stock of paddles and kit and we will be attending the Cardington slalom at the end of the month with the remaining stock that we have. We also have a fair amount of repair materials, seam tape, spare footrests etc so contact us if there is something you need.

What are we doing now? We’ve built up the embroidery and print side of the business and have rebranded as Tailored Branding. We’ve been happy to work with several canoe clubs, providing them with club clothing. We also produce signs, banners, medals, shield trophies, water bottles and much more, so again if your club is looking for prizes please get in touch.

Thank you to all our customers over the past 15 years. We’ve seen in the change from 4 metre boats, multiple changes to boat weights, the introduction of the C1W class, a brilliant home Olympic Games, several major international races both in Cardiff and London. As well as working with some brilliant clubs and individuals. We hope that the downturn in numbers at slaloms this year is a blip and that the sport will continue in the future.
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Steve Agar
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Re: Hydra Sports

Post by Steve Agar » Wed Aug 21, 2019 8:26 am

Steve & Ruth,

Thanks for all the effort and support you've put into the sport and the paddlers at all levels over the years. Good luck for the future.

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Re: Hydra Sports

Post by Arrowcraft » Fri Sep 20, 2019 11:19 am

Thanks Steve.

You have made a difference in our sport.

Good Luck

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