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Online Entry Bug

Post by Dee » Fri Sep 06, 2019 1:37 pm

About a week ago, someone kindly report an issue with selecting bib info on the entry form. I couldn't reproduce the error. Then yesterday, someone else reported a similar error, but this time they sent me a screen shot and I twigged; I found an error that applied (when certain criteria were met) on mobile devices (tablets and phones) but not desktops/laptops - hence me missing it up until now.

I'm pretty sure that the bug was introduced in early August, so I suspect that others have hit the problem, but just not said anything.

So, this is my plea ...

Please, please if you find a bug, or a usability issue, or even think something might be wrong, let me know.

I don't stand a chance of fixing something if you don't tell me. I do know it takes a bit of time to send me an email, but please don't leave it to someone else; sometimes it can take a couple of reports before I see the issue. I will never be cross/angry/offended at someone reporting a bug or think you are stupid - even if it turns out not to be a bug. At worse you will get an email saying that I can't currently resolve it, at best you will help make the system better for everyone.
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