British Open and National Trophies -Esther Mathews Judging Bowl

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Mrs C P Paddler
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British Open and National Trophies -Esther Mathews Judging Bowl

Post by Mrs C P Paddler » Thu Sep 12, 2019 8:10 pm

It's that time of year again when we begin to collect in the trophies so that they can be cleaned, repaired and engraved before being awarded to this years winners.
Last year one trophy, The Esther Mathews Judging bowl, failed to appear. The last person I know who received it was Peter Carol of Bala. If Peter, or anyone who knows him, is on here, or can contact him and enquire as to whether he still has it, or if not, to whom he passed it on, could they please ask him to contact myself or the Slalom Secretary with a view to returning it to us asap.

British Open trophies need to be with us BEFORE the Open and the National trophies need to be returned before or at the Tees race. I will be at HPP and Tees and can collect them from you or they can be handed in to Gemma Wiggs at HPP offices or to Fieke Blackwell at Lee Valley. Please remember that when you received them they were in a box. ( with a couple of exceptions and I know which ones did not collect the box :roll: )
Please don't make us have to chase you to get them returned. It takes a lot of time to ensure they are in a clean, repaired and engraved state before they are awarded again so the sooner you can return them to us the better.

Many thanks for your help with this.

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