Managed Calendar timescales

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Managed Calendar timescales

Post by alan1nckc » Wed Sep 25, 2019 2:41 pm

We (Northampton CKC) are experiencing difficulties because of the 5 month delay between having to submit managed calendar applications, and getting confirmation of the dates. This year for example, we pencilled in the applied-for date of the Sept Div 2/3, but as the Centre don't take bookings outside the current year, this wasn't put in as a booking. After getting confirmation at the ACM we confirmed our booking. Then the person managing bookings left, and unknown to anyone the pencilled in booking wasn't transferred to the main calendar, hence the cancellation.

The new management are likely to allow bookings for the following season, so it will be more important to get our dates in early. The end of November may well be too late.

For 2020 we applied for Sept 26/27th. However as it was not a confirmed date, one of our key staff didn't put it in the family calendar, and his wife put something else there. We have now managed to move our application to the following weekend, but we still don't have it confirmed.

I'm not suggesting that the application date needs to be later, as it is easier to discuss details between clubs during the active season. However I would like to suggest that confirmation would be better done much earlier. Now that the application process is online and visible, it ought to be possible to negotiate around clashes by, say, early August, and confirm the calendar by the beginning of September.

Does it really require a face-to-face meeting at the ACM to do this? Does it really need 5 months to sort it out?

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