Slalom Committee email accounts

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Slalom Committee email accounts

Post by Canadian Paddler » Mon Dec 23, 2019 4:09 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen

In the past week the British Canoeing accounts for the slalom committee have changed. This saves BC quite a bit of money, with just a small hiccough or two. So regardless of who is taking the role the same email address can be used: Those are full accounts. There are no others, so slalom.coaching etc . no longer work
There are however a couple of forwarding emails that just send the traffic to the correct person. Currently just Unfortunately this move has also broken the links between the forms that were being used and the results. So if you registered your club details after the ACM but before now I am afraid it has got lost. Please either email the secretary to record your details for in year communications or use the form at ... sp=sf_link
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